Frequently Asked Questions – Legerdemain Magic UK

What does ‘Legerdemain’ mean?

Legerdemain (pronounced lej-er-di-mayn) means ‘a skilful use of one’s hands when performing magic tricks’. It is derived from the French ‘leger de main’ meaning ‘light of hand’.

Legerdemain Magic founder James Pritchard is the magician London jeweller Asprey described as "skilful, stylish and very entertaining".

How much does a table magician charge for an event?

It is not possible to give the exact cost of magicians for hire without first discussing the nature of your event. Legerdemain Magic always tries to tailor the entertainment to your needs and so prices vary. Factors that affect the price include the style of performance you would like, how many people will be at the event, the location (we are London magicians, but perform around the UK) and the time of year.

But to give you an idea: a two-hour performance by a table magician, for 100 guests at a London event would cost £375-£450.

What sort of events is a London magician suitable for?

Our magicians for hire can adapt to virtually any environment. For events where space is limited, such as dinners and cocktail parties, a table magician is a great option. The performer doesn’t use large props and can entertain anywhere, any time. Is the event going to be noisy? James can perform visual magic that speaks for itself. Options such as hiring a wedding magician, party magician or corporate magician are becoming increasingly popular ways of making an event really stand out.

For entertainment on a slightly bigger scale, James can perform a 20 minute cabaret magic act, suitable for audiences of up to 150 people.

How many people can a magician perform for?

Our magicians for hire can perform for groups of various sizes, from private parties of 20-30 people, to corporate events with several hundred attendees.

For events with 150 people or more, it is generally recommended to hire two or more London magicians to ensure that all of your guests are entertained. We can manage all of your entertainment needs with our magicians for hire. Contact Legerdemain Magic for free advice and a quote.

Why should I hire Legerdemain Magic?

James Pritchard is the magician London clients and venues choose again and again. He has a passion for performing and is equally passionate about ensuring that your event really stands out.

He has over 10 years’ professional experience as a London magician and entertaining around the UK. He has several television credits and a client list that includes royalty and politicians and companies such as Accenture, Asprey, Aviva, BBC, Lloyds Banking Group, J.P. Morgan, Hilton Hotels and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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