Bar Tricks: Adding Magic to Nivea's Marketing Campaign

When Nivea for Men wanted to develop a new online marketing campaign, they approached London magician James Pritchard. Their aim was to build their relationship with their target audience by engaging and entertaining them, in order to raise awareness of the Nivea brand.

Magician James worked with the brand agency to develop the idea of making a series of short films teaching bar tricks. These would appeal to the target audience, by showing them how to impress people – with skilful but easy-to-learn tricks – so that they can feel more confident in social situations.

James helped to develop the bar trick concept, advised on the tricks, and starred in the videos. The content has been used on the Nivea for Men website and across social media sites in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

James, an award-winning magician, has collaborated with other companies, such as Lloyds Banking Group and Philips, to develop magic tricks and stunts that have delivered their key messages in an unforgettable way, while raising awareness and driving calls to action.


Bar Trick Videos

Note Swipe Bar Trick

Learn to do the note swipe bar trick. An amazing and easy trick taught by magician James Pritchard. Guaranteed to turn heads at the bar.

Learn the Coin Roll

How to roll a coin across your fingers like a boss. London magician James Pritchard shows you how to perform this impressive feat.

The Paper Bottle Opener

How to be the party saviour. When normal bottle openers are scarce, party magician James shows you how to use a piece of paper as a bottle opener.

The 5 Point Star

How to do The 5 Point Star, an incredible bar trick guaranteed to impress your friends. Magician James Pritchard teaches a simple trick with cocktail sticks that looks like magic.

The Lighter Snap Bar Trick

Learn to do the Lighter Snap bar trick. Looks like serious skill, but is quite easy to do. Close-up magician James shows you how.

Matchbox Tilt Bar Bet

How to do The Matchbox Tilt bar bet. Your friends won't be able to balance the matchbox, but you'll do it with ease. Let London magician James Pritchard show you how and you'll never have to pay for a drink again.

Van Damme Coin Snatch Bar Trick

Snatch a coin from someone's hand so fast they don't even know it's happened! Magician James Pritchard teaches this amazing feat. Jean-Claude Van Damme would be impressed!.