Parlour magic – party like it’s 1899!

26-January-2012 16:52
in General
by Legerdemain Magic

Parlour magic provides a modern twist on the Victorian tradition of parlour entertainment, and allows you to enjoy a magic show in the comfort of your own home. Parlour magic is becoming increasingly popular, with television shows like Come Dine with Me making home dining the new eating out. A parlour magician may be that special ingredient for an unforgettable evening.

Parlour magic can incorporate different styles of magic to suit your taste. Visual illusions are mixed with mind reading and sleight of hand and perhaps some magical death-defying feats.

Parlour magic – intimate and elegant home entertainment

A parlour magician provides a more intimate experience than walk-around magic, which is typically performed for groups of people at cocktail receptions or large dinner banquets. The parlour magic experience also allows the magician to perform grander illusions than are possible in a crowded party environment.

An evening might consist of a magician performing some close-up magic around the dinner table between courses, to whet the appetite. You and your guests would then move to the living room for the full parlour magic show, which is generally 30-40 minutes long.

Parlour magic – a magic show in the comfort of your home

Having appeared on Raymond Blanc’s TV show The Restaurant, and performed at Taste of London events (not to mention countless dinner parties and restaurants), I am a parlour magician who understands how well magic and food can go together.

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