Wedding magician’s tips for planning a wedding

10-July-2012 16:54
in General
by Legerdemain Magic

As a wedding magician, I go to a lot of weddings all over the UK. They are always wonderful occasions, and I’m glad to be able to add a touch of magic to such a special day.

Working with many couples in the build-up to their big day, I understand that planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are so many things to think about, combined with the pressure of trying to make sure that every detail of your wedding perfect.

Having worked as a wedding magician at many events, here are a few of the tips I’ve learnt for planning a wedding.

Cost saving tips for planning a wedding

Weddings are a magical time, but they can quickly become expensive, with typical events costing around £20,000. As a result, many couples are now looking for smart ways of a creating their dream day without breaking the bank.

There are a broad range venues to choose from when planning your wedding reception. I entertain as a wedding magician at beautiful castles, golf clubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK. Prices will naturally vary according to the venue and the services on offer. Don’t be disappointed if some of them seem out of your budget. You can find many discounts online for out-of-season weddings, and venues sometimes offer other promotions that will help you reduce your wedding costs.

Gather as many quotes as you can and you can then play suppliers off each other. Offering a deposit upfront can often improve your chances of negotiating a lower price, and if you are having a large event, you will also have further scope to ask the venue for a discount.

One way to reduce your costs and stay in budget is choosing a venue that will let you bring your own caterers. I have performed magic at weddings where this has allowed couples to give their guests a great dinner without having to spend a large amount. Another money-saving tip is to have the wedding cake as the only dessert. It reduces your costs and is easier on your guests’ waistlines.

Having a cash bar is a good way to keep costs down, and some venues will allow you to bring your own alcohol.

Flowers are beautiful, but notoriously costly. Buying your flowers from a market is a good way to lower the bill. Much of my work as a wedding magician is in and around London, and some past clients have gone to New Covent Garden Market for their flowers. It is used by many of London’s florists.

You can take things a step further by doing your own flower arrangements. This might seem challenging, but with a little practice you can create beautiful arrangements. There are some helpful flower arranging tutorials online.

A wedding magician – ideal entertainment for your big day

When it comes to choosing your wedding entertainment, I am naturally biased. A wedding magician can add so much to your occasion. Magic is a very flexible form of entertainment that you can add at any point during the day. A wedding magician will be a great ice-breaker with your guests and will help to create a fun atmosphere.

Wedding magicians often perform during the photo session, at the drinks reception, or after the meal, as the coffee and dessert is being served. A skilled wedding magician will be able to tailor the entertainment around your event.

As well as performing magic on the day, I have sometimes helped to create special ways for people to propose to their partners. On one occasion, I performed as a close up magician for a couple in a restaurant. As the finale, a diamond ring magically appeared inside a box. The man then got down on one knee and proposed. The look of delight and surprise on the woman’s face was unforgettable.

When performing as a wedding magician, I can also put together some special tricks for the big day, which people can keep as unique souvenirs of the occasion.

Hiring a DJ is usually a good idea. An experienced DJ will keep guests entertained and ensure your wedding doesn’t lose its momentum. I recommend that you don’t choose the music. They are professionals, so let them play freely and set the mood.

Capturing magic moments –  wedding photos

If you do not have budget for a professional photographer, one solution is to give disposable cameras to all of your guests. Get them to take photos throughout your wedding day and you are likely to get some great shots.

Another nice idea is to have a digital camera and a printer at your wedding. That way you can give wedding photos to your guests to keep as a memento.

My experience as a wedding magician has shown me how stressful and expensive weddings can be. But with good planning and a few adjustments, you can create your dream day at a reasonable price.