Trade show magician – draw traffic to your exhibition stand

20-September-2012 16:55
in General
by Legerdemain Magic

I work as a trade show magician for companies from a broad range of business sectors, such as banking, technology and food & drink. Most recently, I spent four days performing on an exhibition stand for a global technology company at Earls Court, London.

I have found that performing magic at trade shows can be a fun and cost-effective way for companies to achieve their objectives.


Hiring a trade show magician to entertain on your exhibition stand brings a range of benefits:

A trade show magician will draw traffic to your exhibition stand

A trade show magician is a great way to draw people out of the aisles and towards your stand. Magic provides eye-catching and interactive entertainment, making it the perfect way to create awareness. And as soon as a few people stop to watch some magic tricks, the curiosity of passers-by grows, and you rapidly have a crowd gathered around your trade show stand.

Delivering your key sales messages

A trade show magician can incorporate your key sales messages into an engaging presentation. By combining amazing magic tricks with a script that conveys your business messages, you can talk to your target audience in an engaging and informative way. For example, the magician might perform a feat of mind reading to emphasise how in-tune a company is with its clients. This could be an entertaining and memorable way of illustrating that the company knows and understands what clients are thinking, and is therefore able to meet their needs.

Use a trade show magician to qualify business leads

A magician can also qualify leads for you, helping to identify the people you most want to do business with. Magic is a very interactive form of entertainment, which means the magician can find out information about members of the audience while performing, helping your sales team to identify the strongest business prospects.

A memorable way to hand out giveaways and branded merchandise

A trade show magician can incorporate branded merchandise into magic tricks, making giveaways more appealing and enhancing a company’s visibility. I performed at a trade show where the client wanted to give out branded playing cards. By entertaining audiences with some card tricks, people were then very eager to take away a pack of the branded cards, enhancing brand awareness.

Great entertainment for your clients

Over the course of a trade show, you will likely be holding meetings with several of your clients. After the meeting, you can have the client go to your trade show stand to see some great entertainment. This can also be helpful if your meetings are overrunning. Have your clients visit your trade show stand, and they can see a magic show while they are waiting. Brief the magician about special clients who are visiting your exhibition stand, and they can ensure that they are treated to a fun and memorable experience.

Trade show magic – packs small, plays big

Space is often limited on an exhibition stand, which makes trade show magic ideal, because it packs small and plays big! The magician does not need to take up much space on your stand, often a small table is all that is required. However, they can provide informative entertainment that appeals to a very wide audience, and will help you to draw traffic to your trade show stand.