Improve Your Communication Skills By Thinking Like a Magician

05-July-2020 3:12
in General
by Legerdemain Magic

As well as being a magician I sometimes act as a communication consultant for companies.

Whether I'm advising on communications or performing magic, I'm trying to achieve similar things. My goal is to engage a group of people, get them to think and feel in new ways, and to have a lasting positive impact.

Magic has provided insights that go beyond what I've learned in communication text books and training courses. As a magician, my job is often to approach complete strangers, build rapport in seconds, get them to take part in something they knew nothing about, and to make it a great experience. I often overhear a blow-by-blow performance review from my audience as I do it. This provides strong motivation to learn, refine and perfect!

I’ve put together a presentation highlighting six ways of improving communication skills and why they matter. It draws on my experience in corporate communications and as a magician.

The full presentation includes practical ways of enhancing your communications, anecdotes explaining why it’s so important, and of course there’s some magic along the way!

Here's an abbreviated version of the presentation, which explains the six ways that thinking like a magician can make your communications more effective. I hope you find it interesting.