Close Up Magician

Close up magician – the impossible right in front of your eyes

A close up magician performs magic only a few inches away from the audience. It is in contrast to stage magic, where there is normally some distance between the magician and spectators.

Many people regard close up magic as one of the most powerful forms of magic, because the tricks happen right in front of spectators’ eyes, and often in their own hands. Seeing a close up magician is similar to watching movie special effects, except you are actually in the film!

Table magician – intimate magic entertainment

A close up magician, also known as a table magician, provides one of the most sociable and intimate forms of magical entertainment, because the people watching are involved with the performance.

As a result, a close up magician is ideal for weddings, parties and corporate events. It is a great ice-breaker for guests and gives them an experience they’ll never forget.

Top London magician

Close-up magician James Pritchard is an award-winning performer. He is based in London and performs around the UK.

James is the table magician who was chosen to appear on BBC hit series The Restaurant, featuring celebrity chef Raymond Blanc. Other TV credits include appearing as a close up magician on ITV and having a regular slot performing table magic on Nickelodeon Television.

James is also the choice of royalty, celebrities and FTSE 100 companies.

The video below is a clip of James performing some close-up mind-reading magic at a private party. Visit the gallery page to watch more videos of London magician James in action.