Watch Magic in London

12-March-2020 1:40
in General
by Legerdemain Magic

Where can you see great performances of live magic in London? There are several venues where you can see performances by top magicians from London and around the world. 

Here's a guide to where you can see some of the best magic shows in London: 

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is the world's premier magic society. It was founded in 1905 and has an international membership of around 1,500 magicians. The Magic Circles headquarters are in Euston and it hosts shows that are open to the public. You can watch performances of close-up magic and stage magic by top magicians.

Visit The Magic Circle website for dates of upcoming magic shows. 

Magic Walking Tour of London

I host a magic-themed walking tour around London's West End. We visit venues where magic greats, such as Houdini, used to perform, and tell stories about their remarkable lives and the fierce rivalries that existed between magicians. And of course there's lots of magic to see along the way. 

You can learn about the London magic walking tour on the Legerdemain Magic website.